Agave Syrup Organic

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  • vegan honey substitute
  • less calories than sugar
  • easily soluble
  • Origin: Mexico


Organic agave syrup

If you want to eat healthy, you have to look at your own sugar consumption. You have probably heard of the alternative of agave syrup. Agave syrup instead of sugar is becoming more and more popular in households. It was important to us that our agave syrup comes from 100% controlled organic cultivation and is therefore produced without the use of any pesticides. Agave syrup is most popularly used to sweeten desserts, mueslis, fruit preparations, drinks and baked goods, etc. Initially, you could only find the syrup in organic shops. This is no longer a problem, as you can now conveniently buy Dattelmann agave syrup online.  But what actually is agave syrup and is agave syrup healthy?

What is agave syrup and is agave syrup healthy?

Agave syrup, also known as agave juice or agave syrup, is popular as a vegetable honey substitute, especially in vegan cuisine. Agave syrup is extracted from various Mexican agave species. The juice of the agave, which looks very much like honey, is extracted from the heart of the plant and then dehydrated by heating to produce the thick agave syrup. The syrup consists primarily of fructose and glucose and therefore has a high sweetening power. Compared to refined sugar, it contains significantly more healthy accompanying substances such as minerals, secondary plant compounds and trace elements. Even diabetics can consume agave syrup in moderation. The calories of agave syrup, for example, are also lower than those of conventional white sugar. Even though the siurp is healthier than refined sugar thanks to its natural ingredients, agave syrup should also not be consumed in huge quantities for a balanced diet – due to its high fructose content.

Agave syrup instead of sugar?

Agave syrup has a slightly higher sweetening power than sugar (100g syrup = 125-150g sugar) and agave syrup has fewer calories than household sugar. This is why agave syrup has about three times the sweetness of sugar and is particularly soluble in liquids. Agave syrup is a great substitute for sugar, especially because of its healthier ingredients and lower calorie content.


Origin: Mexico

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