Caraway Crackers

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  • crunchy crackling
  • refined with caraway
  • hearty source of protein and carbohydrates
  • Origin: Germany

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Caraway Crackers

Wafer-thin crackers with caraway flavour. Natural raw materials and the fresh aroma of whole caraway seeds create an irresistible taste experience. The nutritional values of our crackers are also convincing as a source of protein and fibre, as well as a high carbohydrate content. The snack for the whole family! All our crackers come from a small, traditional family business in Germany.

What are the crackers used for?

The crackers – also called crackers in German – are an excellent change from usual snacks like crisps, salt sticks, nuts & Co. So they are perfect for a cosy evening on the couch, at a picnic in the park, while sunbathing in the open-air swimming pool or wherever you want. The caraway-flavoured crackers are also a crunchy addition to summer salads or even in soups. Our crackers also add a delicious, aromatic crunch to a cheese platter with a bottle of wine.

Tip: We can recommend one of our four different healthy olive pastes as a dip. The mixture of olives with the caraway crackers is simply a delicious taste explosion.

What are crackers actually?

The word cracker originally comes from English and was adopted into German. The origin of the word is derived from the English verb “to crack”, which means “to crack” in German. This is because crackers are thin, crispy, dry biscuit-like savoury biscuits that conventionally evolved from ship’s biscuits and hard biscuits. Crackers have become very popular party snacks or are simply served as an accompaniment to wine, beer or cheese. Crackers are now available in many different varieties. So that there is something for every taste, we have 5 different flavours in our range. These include: Pizza Cracker, Caraway Cracker, Cinnamon Cracker, Sesame Cracker and Cheese Cracker. So buy our 100g caraway crackers online now.





Wheat flour, 4.3% caraway seeds, vegetable oil (rapeseed), salt.


soya lecithins, potato flakes, sugar

Raising agent:

Sodium hydrogen carbonate, 0.37% caraway seeds, sweet whey powder, skimmed milk powder.


May contain traces of eggs, celery, nuts, mustard & sesame seeds.

Origin: Germany

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