Dried Persimmon Organic

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  • Asian fruit
  • Combination of apricots, pears and peaches
  • Origin: Spain

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Organic Dried Persimmon

The persimmon is soft and tastes simply delicious. It is a cultivated plant originating from Asia and is also colloquially called “Chinese plum”. The persimmon has many names. A cultivar of the persimmon that originated in Israel is the Sharon fruit, which has a milder taste and no seeds. The persimmon tree, on which the fruit grows, belongs to the ebony family and can grow up to 10 metres high. Its appearance is reminiscent of an apple tree. However, the persimmon itself is classified as a berry fruit and has an oval to round shape when not dried. The persimmon is a very healthy fruit that strengthens the body’s defences. It contains many vitamins and minerals that are important for the eyes, skin and nerves.

Use of dried persimmons

The persimmon fruit can also be eaten directly as a snack. Its taste is often said to be a sweet-spicy combination of apricots, pears and peaches.  The persimmon is also popular for baking or as an ingredient in mueslis or yoghurts.

Advantages of our dried fruit

Our dried persimmons are air-dried and exclusively from controlled organic cultivation. The drying process gives the fruits a much longer shelf life. Often, the addition of sulphur to dried fruits prevents them from becoming visually unsightly, thus preserving the bright colour of their flesh. Sulphurised fruits can cause intolerances or allergic reactions in sensitive people. However, our persimmons are completely unsulphurised and without any additives, which is why the colour of the fruit flesh may change slightly. This is absolutely not a sign of poor quality, but simply a sign that the fruit is 100% natural.



Persimmon from controlled organic cultivation

Origin: Spain

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