Dried Watermelon Organic

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  • Origin: Spain

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Organic dried watermelon crunchy

The watermelon originates from Africa, as it needs a hot and dry climate to thrive perfectly. Watermelons are extremely low in calories and are therefore also a perfect diet food. In addition, watermelons contain large amounts of vital substances and minerals that support the body’s immune system. Now you are probably asking yourself why we air-dry watermelons with such a high water content. It’s simple – firstly, the red fruits have a much longer shelf life when dried, so you can now enjoy them out of season without any problems. In addition, the dried watermelons logically no longer have their usual juicy soft consistency, but are much crunchier, almost crunchy. But don’t worry, the intense flavour of the watermelon remains of course.

How to use the dried watermelon

The crunchy dried watermelon is a perfect summer snack, can be used in mueslis or yoghurts as desired, or can also be used for baking or in fruit salads. Because of the crunchy consistency due to the drying process, our watermelon pieces are also a perfect topping for smoothies or cocktails. Our dried watermelons can also be perfectly combined with a summer salad, as they add a special crunch!

Advantages of our dried fruit

Our dried watermelons are air-dried and exclusively from controlled organic cultivation. The drying process gives the fruit a much longer shelf life. Often, the addition of sulphur to dried fruit prevents it from becoming visually unappealing, thus preserving the bright colour of its flesh. Sulphurised fruits can cause intolerances or allergic reactions in sensitive people. However, our watermelons are completely unsulphurised and without any additives, which is why the colour of the flesh may change slightly. This is absolutely not a sign of poor quality, but merely a sign that it is a 100% natural fruit.



Watermelon from controlled organic cultivation

Origin: Spain

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