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Jackfruit organic deep fried

The jackfruit is a versatile superfruit. And it more than deserves this term! It is not only the largest tree fruit in the world, but also a vegetable and fruit in one. Jackfruit is the common name of the fruit, although jackfruit is also called jackfruit in German. After the natural drying phase, our organic jackfruit is deep-fried in organic coconut oil and prepared into delicious, crispy jackfruit chips. No additional sugar is used in the process so that the naturally sweet, typical taste of the jackfruit is retained. Its taste is often compared to a mix of mango, banana and pineapple.

What is a jackfruit and what does jackfruit taste like?

The young jackfruit is becoming a plant-based food trend and with good reason. This is because it naturally brings with it a fibrous texture that is reminiscent of chicken meat. It is therefore perfect as a high-quality meat alternative without additives and a long list of ingredients. Jackfruit can therefore be used as a great meat substitute. However, jackfruit comes in several forms and each one has its own unique taste. If you let the jackfruit ripen further, it develops its fructose and now tastes like a mixture of mango, pineapple and gummy bears. Exotically crunchy or gently dried, it brings an exotic fruity note to your muesli, smoothie or fruit salad. But pssst… it’s also delicious as a little snack straight from the bag!

Jackfruit grows mainly in Southeast Asia and Brazil due to climatic conditions. There they ripen on trees 20 metres high and reach a length of up to 1 metre and a diameter of 50 centimetres with a weight between 10 and 40 kilograms.

Jackfruit recipes

As mentioned above, fresh jackfruit is often used as a meat substitute in hot dishes. There are many possibilities such as jackfruit goulash, jackfruit burgers, jackfruit curry or jackfruit pulled pork. However, in vacuum-fried or freeze-dried form, they are usually used differently. The deep-fried form is the perfect snack on the couch, while the freeze-dried version goes great with cereal or the like.



Organic jackfruit (approx. 90%), organic coconut oil (approx. 10%).

Origin: Indonesia

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