Mediterranean box

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  • Gift box
  • Mediterranean products
  • This box contains the following products:
    Black olive tapenade with capers
    Artichoke hearts
    Artichoke hearts marinated in herbs
    Organic strong paprika powder 50g
    Original” olive oil 250ml
    Organic Fettuccine 500g
  • Origin: Spain, Italy

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Mediterranean gift box

Discover now our new wide range of gift boxes. Our gift sets are divided into gift sets, recipe sets and promotional sets such as our Christmas sets, the classic breakfast bowl sets for a fruity breakfast or our all-time classics: the trendy Dattelmann gift sets. Our recipe sets offer you a selection of our recipes in a complete set. This means that you can have the main ingredients of the recipe delivered to your home with just one click.

The Mediterranean Box is for all cooking enthusiasts. Includes high-quality products directly imported from Spain and Italy that will delight all Italian food lovers. For all the nostalgic summer vacationers, this box will make you forget the harshness of the cold winter days. Indeed, it contains everything you need to prepare a delicious authentic Mediterranean menu.

By the way: our gift boxes are presented in stylish and personalized Dattelmann boxes, which makes them an ideal gift. Plus, the boxes are resealable, so you can easily add greeting cards, love cards, or anything else you want.

A small overview of the different products included in our Mediterranean box:

1. Black olive tapenade with capers

The black olive paste with capers, a vegetarian variant of the tapenade, is a typical Mediterranean delicacy. Our tapenade is vegan, gluten-free and made from 100% fresh Spanish olives and capers. In addition to Italian and Greek olive paste, Spanish olive paste is very popular in Mediterranean countries. The reason for this is simple: the conditions for growing olives are perfect in the southern European countries. It is not without reason that Spain is the largest producer of olive oil in the world and produces some of the best olive oil with its Picual olives. If you want to convince yourself, don’t hesitate to try one of our high quality Spanish olive oils.

Once opened, store in the refrigerator and consume within 5 days.

2. Artichoke hearts

Artichoke hearts in water have a fine and delicious taste and go well with all kinds of dishes or simply on bread, best with a little sea salt.

3. Artichoke hearts marinated in herbs

The artichokes have been marinated in herb-infused oil. They are delicious as antipasti, on bread, in pasta, salads or quiches.

4. Organic hot paprika powder 50g

The hot paprika powder is, as the name suggests, a hotter paprika powder than our other two paprika powders and enchants with its slightly spicy taste. Moreover, our hot ground paprika powder is completely free of additives, so you can be sure that it is 100% natural. We also avoid adding glutamate, other flavour enhancers, gluten and any artificial additives or preservatives.

5. Olive Oil “Original” 250ml

With this extra virgin olive oil, you will understand why the Picual variety is the favourite olive of the province of Jaén. The most original and traditional taste of our oils will delight all those who taste it raw or cooked. Its aromas are balanced and fresh.

It gives a delicious Mediterranean flavour to all pasta dishes, salads, sauces …. It is also excellent in marinades for grills or simply on toast.

6. Organic Fettuccine 500g

Discover the taste of Italian pasta. Our Fettuccine comes from the south of Italy, near Naples.

Because the taste and quality of our products are paramount, our pasta is made by hand, in accordance with ancient Italian traditions and procedures. The quality of the pasta is ensured by the fresh and regional durum wheat, which is characterized by a high content of lipids, amino acids, minerals and vitamins. Italian pasta is popular and famous all over the world because its taste, texture and freshness are unmatched in the world.

Origins: Italy, Spain

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