Mini Figs Organic

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500g & 5 Kg | Dwarf figs | 100% natural | dried | untreated | unsweetened |Premium quality | Origin: Spain



Dried Mini Whole Dwarf Figs Organic

Discover Dattelmann’s delicious dried golden figs from Spain now. They are light to golden brown, taste aromatic and honey-like sweet. The fibre-rich fruits are also popular as a snack because of their bite-sized size and are also suitable for cooking and baking. In the summer, before the new harvest arrives, the figs increasingly sugar out, but this does not affect the quality. On the contrary, sugaring is a completely natural process. When the fruit is dried, a residual moisture remains, which decreases in the course of the storage period and escapes to the outside. With this water, the fruit sugar also reaches the outer surface of the dried fruit, which then dries there and can be seen as a white layer. This sugaring proves the naturalness and biological quality of the dried fruit.







*from controlled organic cultivation

Storage advice:

Please store in a cool and dry place.


Eggs does not contain
Peanuts traces possible
Fish does not contain
Cereals containing gluten does not contain
Crustaceans does not contain
Milk, Lactose does not contain
Lupin does not contain
Nuts traces possible
Celery does not contain
Mustard does not contain
Sesame does not contain
Soy does not contain
Sulphur Dioxide & Sulphites
(mehr als 10mg/kg oder 10 mg/l SO2)
Molluscs does not contain

Average nutritional values per 100g 

Energy (in kj/kcal) 1188/284
Fat 0,5 g
   of which Saturates 0,5 g
Carbohydrate 59,3 g
   of which Sugars 59,3 g
Fibre 12,5 g
Protein 4,3 g
Salt 0,01 g

Additional information

  • Weight
    0,5 kg
  • Size

    500g, 5kg

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