Olive Paste Mix – 4 Varieties

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  • 130g per glass
  • Bundle of 4 different olive pastes
  • from green and black olives
  • Origin: Spain

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Olive Paste Mix

Our delicious olive paste is available in 4 varieties:


  • Green Olive Paste
  • Green olive paste with 5 types of pepper
  • Black Olive Paste
  • Black olive paste with capers


This offer includes one jar of each of the four varieties, so that you always have the right antipasti on hand for every barbecue.


The offer contains the following three varieties: 


Olive paste with green olives

The green olive paste tastes great as a spread, with grilled food or as a pesto for pasta.


Green olive paste with 5 types of pepper

The five different types of pepper give this green olive paste a delicious, light spiciness. It is excellent as a spread on bread, with pasta or with grilled food.


Black olive paste

This paste made from black olives tastes deliciously of summer and is perfectly suited to Mediterranean cuisine. Our olive paste tastes delicious on fresh bread and biscuits. But it can also be used as a side dish for barbecue and party dishes, for stuffing fish or meat, as a small snack or as a pesto for pasta.


Olive paste made from black olives and capers

The paste of black olives with capers, a vegetarian version of tapenade, is a typical Mediterranean delicacy and goes perfectly with all kinds of dishes such as grilled vegetables, meat or fish, and of course as a spread or with pasta.

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