The Softies

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  • 4x800g
  • 4 Varieties of soft dates :
    Astaka, Barhi, Bawalini, Wanan
  • Premium quality
  • Origin : Saudi Arabia

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Our 4 Softies

Are you into soft dates? But you do not know which of the many varieties we offer to choose? We have the perfect solution for you! Try our assortment of four soft date varieties and find out which one is your favorite.

This offer includes the following varieties :


  • Astaka dates 800g
  • Barhi dates 800g
  • Bawalini dates 800g
  • Wanana Dates 800g



How should dates be stored and at what temperature do they taste best?

Dates should always be stored in an airtight container to prevent them from drying out. We recommend always storing dates in the freezer, if possible.


Soft dates (like Bawalini, Astaka, Sukari Soft)
– Always store cold, in the freezer if possible.

Taste best cold right out of the fridge or freezer, delicious and ice cold!


Semi-soft dates (such as Medjool, Anbara, Sukari Chewy).
– Up to 5 months: Store in refrigerator
– 5-12 months: Store in the freezer

Can be eaten cold or at room temperature.


Hard/solid dates (such as Mabroom, Safawi, Ajwa).
– Up to 1 month: Can be stored at room temperature
– Up to 5 months: Store in refrigerator
– 5-12 months: Store in the freezer

Best eaten at room temperature, otherwise they are too hard.

Origin: Saudi Arabia

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