Bread Proofing Basket Round

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  • Bread basket woven from rattan
  • Particularly durable, hard-wearing and long-lasting
  • Each piece is handmade and unique
  • Origin: Vietnam


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Round banneton made from rattan with cotton lining

No breakfast or supper goes by without a hearty sandwich, roll or bread. Baking bread at home is a great way to enjoy freshly baked bread with your favourite ingredients. But before baking the bread in the oven, you should leave the loaf to rest and rise. That’s what the proofing basket or banneton is for. When the dough rises, it tends to flatten out but when you put it into the proofing basket, it keeps its nice shape. Also, if you use the banneton without the cotton lining, the pattern imprints on the bread which makes it look extra nice.

Just don’t forget to put the bread on a baking tray before baking; the banneton should never be put in the oven.

The bread proofing basket comes with a cotton lining. After using, you can shake out the remaining flour and/or rests of bread dough or wash the lining if needed.

Use as bread basket

Freshly bread deserves a festive presentation. Therefore you can also use the proofing basket as a bread basket. Our classic woven rattan bread baskets / bannetons are not only suitable for private households, but also for restaurants, cafes and inns thanks to the stylish design. It can of course also be used as a fruit basket.

Rattan wood is a strong material and is also popular for outdoor furniture. The style of weave is known as wicker.

By the way: Our round rattan bread basket is also available in an oval design.

Rattan: more than just wood

Our bread proofing basket is made entirely of rattan and is 100% natural. We care deeply about the environment which is why we have made a conscious decision to include rattan proofing baskets in our range. Rattan plants belong to the palm trees. These rattan palms are quickly renewable raw materials and not only therefore a sustainable alternative to other wood. Only dead wood of the rattan palm is used in the production of our bread baskets. The baskets are both plastic-free and recyclable, and the wood is 100% biodegradable. The design not only impresses with its woven charm, but also fits perfectly with a sustainable lifestyle.

But what actually is rattan and what are its advantages?

As mentioned above, rattan plants belong to the palm trees and one of the main advantages of rattan is that it is much lighter than conventional wood. Another great thing about rattan is that it is as strong as wood. It is however much more elastic and also durable. Another plus point is that rattan is a rapidly renewable resource. This means that the plant is regrown within five to seven years, making rattan one of the most sustainable materials available for furniture making and accessories.



The bread proofing basket is made from real rattan completely without chemicals. Since it is hand cut, cleaned, sanded and polished, each set is unique – one of a kind in shape, size, color and pattern. Here is a small overview of the average dimensions:


Diameter: 23cm

Height: 9 cm


Care instructions:

Before the first use, the proofing basket should be washed by hand. Since the rattan wood can split in the dishwasher, the bread basket must be washed by hand. In addition, you should not soak it in water for too long. Also, do not put the bread proofing basket in the freezer, microwave or oven.

Originalas: Vietnamas

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