Dried Ginger

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200g | dried ginger pieces | perfect for tea | fruity hot | origin: China


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Dried ginger pieces (2cm-5cm)

Dried ginger root has been used in Middle Eastern, North African and European cuisine for centuries. Dried ginger does not have the distinctive smell of fresh ginger. This only develops when it is ground or crushed. It tastes pungent and penetrating, with both a warming and refreshing component.

Most often, the dried ginger pieces are used as a preparation for tea, but it is also ideal for the spice grinder.

If you are looking for a snack variation with ginger, try our candied ginger cubes.


Preparation as tea

Pour fresh, boiling water over 2-3 pieces of ginger per tea cup and leave to steep for at least 6-8 minutes. Drain and refine with a little honey and/or the juice of a fresh lemon.

The spiciness of your tea can be controlled perfectly thanks to the ginger pieces.




Dried ginger



Originalas: Kinija

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