Rice Protein Powder Organic

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  • vegan protein
  • with all essential amino acids
  • Superfood
  • Origin: China


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Rice protein powder organic

Among all the superfoods available today, some are now very well known, such as the microalgae spirulina, barley grass or wheat grass. With its high protein content, protein powder made from certified organic rice is a perfect vegan source of protein. In addition, rice protein powder has all the essential amino acids that humans need. The body cannot produce these amino acids itself, which is why it has to take them in through food. Amino acids are building blocks of proteins and are involved in numerous metabolic processes in the body and are therefore extremely important. Our rice protein is therefore not only ideal for all vegans, but for everyone who wants to make their diet more protein-rich. The powder saves time and is practical. Rice protein is therefore a super supplement that can make life easier.

What is rice protein and is it healthy?

Rice protein is a food supplement that can be added to shakes, smoothies or dishes to increase the protein content. In the production of the powder, the protein found in rice grains is extracted in gentle processes. In the selection process, it was particularly important for us to achieve the best quality, which is why we only use rice from 100% organic cultivation. The great advantage of rice protein is that it is hypoallergenic. This simply means that it does not usually cause allergies or intolerances and is easy to digest. Rice protein is also said to have a positive effect on cholesterol levels, as it helps the liver to produce good cholesterol. Good rice protein also contains vitamin C, iron, calcium and dietary fibre.

How do you dose rice protein?

We recommend using at least 300 ml of water or milk substitutes (e.g. oat milk) for 30 g of rice protein powder and then shaking the whole thing vigorously. The taste of the protein powder is relatively natural, which is why you can easily add the protein powder to fruity smoothies, bowls etc. to increase the protein content. It is most valuable to consume the rice protein in the first 30 minutes after training, as the body can absorb the protein particularly well during this period.



Organic rice

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