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Our Story from The Begining

All started when we tried dates from Saudi Arabia for the first time. It was the best dates we have ever tried. Our wish to share the taste of desert grew up to a brand.

Datulės LT is a premium date brand established in 2016. ,,Datulės“ means ,,date fruits“ in Lithuanian language. Datulės LT company is providing its customers with the best quality dates and date products from Saudi Arabia. Until now we have 16 date varieties. We are a leader providing the best quality dates in Lithuania and, as demand increases, we seek to become the main distributor in the Baltic region.

We work specifically with dates – delicious and nutritious fruit. Our dates come directly from the desert of Saudi Arabia. Environmental responsibility and quality of dates are much more important than quantity for us. We put care and attention to every date we provide. Working with farms that meet our values and the highest quality standards, caring about clean product as we do – from growing dates till the dates reach the client – we are able to offer dates of the very best quality. Our dates are free from any post-harvest additives, preservatives, added sugar or chemical treatment. Datulės LT dates are 100% natural and have delectable taste. All Datulės LT products are raw and vegan.

Our selection of low GI products 🌱

In the palm groves of the Tunisian oasis towns Kebili and Tozeur, the conditions are ideal for the cultivation of Deglet Nour dates. Thank to this, Tunisia is the world's larges exporter of Deglet Nour - the Queen of dates.
Did you know that in Saudi Arabia there are over 600 different varieties of dates?
Did you know that 3 out of 4 Medjool dates consumed worldwide have been grown in Israel?
80% of all almonds cultivated worldwide are grown in California. Almonds are one of the most important export crops of the Golden State.
In California, pistachios were grown for the first time in the 1930s. It takes 7 (!) years from the planting of the tree to the first real harvest.
Pecan nuts are cultivated in 16 US states from California to North Carolina. The output makes up around 70% of the worldwide production of pecan nuts.
Spanish olive oil is one of the best globally thanks to its excellent quality and broad range of varieties, as well as regarding production, innovation and distribution.
Figs originate in Asia. Today, however, over 90% of figs worldwide are grown in the Mediterranean region. The largest producer is Turkey; Spain is also famous for its tasty dried figs.
Thanks to its favorable climate, Turkey is the larges producer of figs. Mulberries are from the same botanical family and are also mainly grown in Turkey.
Turkey is the world's leading exporter of hazelnuts. The yearly harvest is around 600.000 tonnes of hazelnuts.
Cardamom, turmeric and garam masala are all from India and are some of the most consumed spices worldwide.
Did you know that turmeric is considered holy in India? The plant's health benefits have been known for a very long time in both ayurvedic and traditional Chinese medicine.
Vietnam is the world's largest cashew processor as well as the world's leading exporter of this popular nut (which is actually a seed).
Did you know that our coconut bowls are hand made in Vietnam and that therefore each bowl is unique?
In 2020, Burkina Faso exported over 10,000 tons of fresh and dried mangoes.
Did you know that the best Deglet Nour dates come from Toga, a small town in the Algerian province of Biskra? Over 500.000 date palms grow there and the place is the second largest Deglet Nour exporter after Tunisia.
Peru is one of the regions of origin of the cocoa bean and today produces some of the highest quality cocoa in the world.
Even though Tanzania only produces a relatively small amount of cocoa (around 6000 - 8000 tons per year), its premium chocolate is some of the best in the world.
Did you know that over 1 million tons of dates are produced every year in Iran? The country exports around 400.000 tones of dates and is therefore the world's third larges exporter of dates.
The world's highest quality saffron, the "red gold", comes from Iran.
Our coffee beans are grown on a traditional family farm in Colombia.
Coffee has been cultivated on small farms in El Salvador since the mid 18th century but only since the 1850s have the beans been exported to meet the growing global demand for coffee.

Did you Know..?

Our high-quality dates come from our farm in Al-Qasim, Saudi Arabia, which has been in existence since 1950. Over 28,000 date palms grow there and the climate is ideal for growing crops. Around 70% of our dates are of the Sukari variety, the remaining 30% are Wannan, Barhi and Um Kabar dates. We harvest, classify, package and store our dates ourselves. In addition, we have developed our own standards for harvest, classification and storage to ensure first-class quality.

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