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About Datules

All started when we tried dates from Saudi Arabia for the first time. It was the best dates we have ever tried. Our wish to share the taste of desert grew up to a brand.

Datulės LT is a premium date brand established in 2016. ,,Datulės“ means ,,date fruits“ in Lithuanian language. Datulės LT company is providing its customers with the best quality dates and date products from Saudi Arabia. Until now we have 16 date varieties. We are a leader providing the best quality dates in Lithuania and, as demand increases, we seek to become the main distributor in the Baltic region.

We work specifically with dates – delicious and nutritious fruit. Our dates come directly from the desert of Saudi Arabia. Environmental responsibility and quality of dates are much more important than quantity for us. We put care and attention to every date we provide. Working with farms that meet our values and the highest quality standards, caring about clean product as we do – from growing dates till the dates reach the client – we are able to offer dates of the very best quality. Our dates are free from any post-harvest additives, preservatives, added sugar or chemical treatment. Datulės LT dates are 100% natural and have delectable taste. All Datulės LT products are raw and vegan.


Date palm tree, that produces date fruits, might just be the oldest fruit-bearing tree on earth. The first civilizations in History 5000 years ago used to cultivate and consume dates because of their nutritional value. Ancient civilizations revered palm trees as symbols of fertility, peace, and victory. The taste and considerable amounts of minerals make a date ,,the fruit of paradise“. Dates are a good source of various vitamins and minerals, energy, natural sugar, and healthy fibers. It also contains calcium, iron, phosphorus, potassium, magnesium and zinc.

We provide delicious and healthy snack alternative without all the weird non-food preservatives and additives mixed in. When it comes to satisfying sweet tooth, dates are a great substitute for refined sugar. Date fruit is like Nature‘s candy, both healthy and delicious.


The best quality, love to Nature and its delights.


To serve everyone with top quality dates – naturally delicious fruit.

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