Candle Holder “Palm”

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  • 100% coconut bowl
  • sustainable & stylish
  • creates plays of light
  • from Vietnam

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Candle holder “Palm”

Besides our stylish coconut bowls for breakfast bowls and our coconut bowl candles, our coconut bowls are now also available as candle holders. Simply place any candle in the coconut bowl and thanks to the stylish design of the coconut bowl, the bowl creates a beautiful play of light.

The “Palm” coconut bowl is made entirely from coconuts and is 100% natural. The environment is also very close to our hearts, which is why we have consciously decided to include coconut wood items in our range. Billions of coconuts are harvested and processed every year. A large part of this is thrown away and burnt as waste. We save some of it to make unique and stylish coconut bowls. These are both plastic-free and recyclable, making them 100% biodegradable. Not only do they impress with their tropical charm, but they fit perfectly with a sustainable lifestyle.



The bowls are made from real coconuts completely without chemicals. As they are cut, cleaned, sanded and polished with organic coconut oil by hand, each bowl is unique – unique in shape, size, colour and pattern. Here is a small overview of the average dimensions:


Diameter: 11-12 cm

Height: 7-9 cm

Origin: Vietnam

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