Chocolate Attack

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300g x 3

Peru „Piura“ 84%

Tanzania „Kamili“ 82%

Nibby 82%


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300g x 3

Peru “Piura” 84%

Tanzania “Kamili” 82%

Nibby 82%


A base, the finest chocolate in the world, which everyone can easily refine as desired, e.g. with chopped pistachios, cocoa nibs, rose petals, flower pollen…

Great fun at any time and for the whole family! Everyone, young and old, can make their own individual chocolate and have fun together!


Untempered chocolate in a jar to fill yourself with

The world’s best cocoa beans, lightly roasted, ground into fully aromatic masses in a single process using stone mills and filled directly into the jar untempered.

Melt once and experience chocolate anew.


Peru “Piura” 84%

Raspberry, lime and pecan. A delicately acidic sensation.


Tanzania “Kamili” 82%

Apricot, peach and cream. Sweet yet complex.


Nibby 82%

“Cuvee” from Honduras and Peru with cocoa bean chips (nibs) from Tanzania.

This mass has it all – nut, fruit and crunchy bite.


What to do?

Place the jar in a hot water bath and stir the chocolate until it is liquid and warm. (min 40° / max 60° C).

Then there are five possibilities:

  • Pour directly thinly onto baking paper/sheet, leave to harden in fridge (or freezer), break off, eat. What is not eaten should either stay in the fridge or go back into the jar (and melt again – no problem!).
  • Spoon or use as sauce
  • extend into drinking chocolate
  • process into mousse or ganache
  • prepare the couverture and refine with a little cocoa butter as desired


PS: Why is the glass only half full?

Otherwise the stirring will go wrong and chocolate will spill over the edge. Or even worse, water gets in.


PS: And why does the chocolate look grey and spotty?

Because we haven’t tempered (=stabilised) it. It tastes fantastic, guaranteed.

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