Dried Cherry Tomatoes Organic

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  • unsalted
  • unsulphured
  • fruity-sweet
  • Origin: Spain

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Unsalted dried cherry tomatoes organic

The tomato is one of the most popular vegetables in Germany and belongs to the nightshade family. Dried tomatoes are similar to our dried watermelons, as both fresh tomatoes and fresh watermelons have a water content of about 90%. But don’t worry, the taste and all the healthy ingredients are completely preserved during the air-drying process. In addition, our tomatoes are unsulphurised and therefore 100% genuine and natural.

The dried cherry tomatoes are intensely fruity-sweet and as the name suggests – rather dry. The only difference to the dried tomatoes is the type of tomato. Cherry tomatoes are thus somewhat smaller and are about the size of a cherry. Cherry tomatoes are also unsalted and thus have a highly aromatic tomato flavour that is perfect for Mediterranean cuisine.

What can you do with dried cherry tomatoes?

Dried tomatoes are also delicious and lower calorie snacks for in between meals. Because our dried tomatoes are unsalted, they are very versatile in the kitchen.  For example, in tomato sauces, in salads, with potatoes, with vegetables, in soups, in casseroles, in gratins or ciabatta with dried tomatoes and much more. Dried tomatoes are also perfect for a dried tomato dip or for a homemade pesto, as they add a spicier flavour than fresh tomatoes. You can also marinate the dried tomatoes in oil to add more delicious flavours and make them last even longer.

Our tip: Dried tomatoes taste best with pasta. So if you want to make a Mediterranean pasta salad with dried tomatoes, we recommend our handmade pasta from Italy.

How healthy are dried tomatoes?

Tomatoes are one of the most popular vegetables today. The simple reason for this is that tomatoes contain many vital substances. Numerous vitamins, minerals and trace elements can be found in tomatoes. Its ingredients also act as antioxidants. This means they strengthen the heart and circulation, help against chronic diseases and support the health of mucous membranes, bones, eyes, muscles and skin.

Advantages of our dried fruit

Our dried tomatoes are air-dried and exclusively from controlled organic cultivation. The drying process gives the fruit a much longer shelf life. Often, the addition of sulphur to dried fruits prevents them from becoming visually unsightly, thus preserving the bright colour of their flesh. Sulphurised fruits can cause intolerances or allergic reactions in sensitive people. However, our tomatoes are completely unsulphurised and without any additives, which is why the colour of the flesh may change slightly. This is absolutely not a sign of poor quality, but merely a sign that it is a 100% natural fruit.



Cherry tomato from controlled organic cultivation

Origin: Spain

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