Garam Masala Premium Spice Mix

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  • Aromatic spice blend from India
  • Warming flavours and exotic notes
  • Authentic Indian flavour tradition
  • Versatile in use for a wide range of dishes
  • Hand-picked for the highest quality
  • Freshly ground and packaged to preserve freshness

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Garam Masala – Premium Indian blend of spices (Handmade)

Indian vegetable or meat dishes often contain garam masala for seasoning.
Our masala is in powder form. Garam masala is sometimes used on its own, but can also be mixed with other spices. Garam Masala is a mixture of ground spices that are widely used in Indian cuisine. The spices for Garam Masala are usually roasted to bring out more flavour and aroma. The word masala simply means “spices” and garam means “hot”. Our powder is gluten-free, vegan, and vegetarian.

Garam Masala is used with many vegetarian and vegan dishes and soups based on legumes and vegetables, including meat dishes.

Key features:

Hand-picked freshness: Each spice is selected by experienced hands to ensure the highest quality and freshness.

Unique flavour blend: A harmonious combination of sweet, savoury and spicy notes, typical of Indian cuisine.
High-quality ingredients: Carefully selected spices, combined according to traditional artisan practices, represent the rich spice tradition of India.
Traditional craftsmanship: The blend is made according to ancient artisan practices to preserve the authentic spice experience of India.

Use tips:

Authentic curries: Give your curries an incomparable, authentic flavour with garam masala.
Grilled dishes: Season grilled vegetables, meat or fish with a pinch of garam masala for that unmistakable hint of Indian flavours.
Flavoured rice dishes: Intensify the flavours of your rice dishes by adding garam masala.

Garam masala is not just a spice, but a culinary journey through the diverse flavours of India. Let yourself be seduced by the magic of this masterfully hand-picked blend and discover the art of Indian spices in every spoonful.


Coriander, Cumin, Cloves, Cinnamon, Black Pepper, Cobra saffron, Black StonePowder, Large Cardamom, Star Anise, Red Chilli, Sesame, Nutmeg, PappySeeds, Black Cumin Seeds, Salt, Turmeric, Indian BayLeaf

Storage information :

Store cool and dry.



Eggs or egg products not included
Peanuts or peanut products not included
Fish or fish products not included
or cereal products containing gluten
not included
Crustaceans or crustacean products not included
Milk or milk products
including lactose
not included
Lupins or lupine products not included
Nuts or nut products not included
Celery or celery products not included
Mustard or mustard products not included
Sesame seeds or sesame products not included
Soy or soy products not included
Sulfur dioxide or sulphites
(more than 10mg / kg or 10 mg / l SO2)
Molluscs or mollusc products not included

May contain traces of spices.


Origin: India

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