Spicy Paprika Powder Organic

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Organic paprika powder hot

Hot paprika powder is, as its name suggests, a hotter paprika powder than our other two paprika powders and enchants with its mildly sweet to slightly spicy taste. In addition, our ground paprika powder hot is completely without additives, so you can be sure that it is 100% natural. There are no glutamates, other flavour enhancers, gluten or any artificial additives or preservatives.

Three variations of paprika powder

To cover all tastes, our fine paprika powder is available in three different varieties: Smoked paprika powder, sweet paprika powder and, last but not least, hot paprika powder. Besides Hungarian paprika powder, Spanish paprika powder is also famous and very popular, and not without reason. The Spanish themselves call their paprika powder “Pimenton de la Vera” and it is made from ripe red peppers, is fruity and aromatic and tastes great with all kinds of dishes.

How do you make hot paprika powder?

The organically grown peppers are harvested, air-dried and then gently finely ground. For the hot paprika powder, not only the red pulp of the paprika is used, but also the seeds and the septum. The heat level of the paprika powder depends on how much of the seeds and membranes of the paprika are used. The lighter the powder, the hotter it usually is.

What is hot paprika powder used for?

Paprika can be used generously both for cooking and for seasoning. Only when frying in a pan in oil should caution be exercised. In this case, paprika powder can develop a bitter taste due to the high heat. Otherwise, it is very versatile in the kitchen. This means that it is often used for both cold and hot dishes. It is also often used to colour dishes. For example, to give dipping sauces a strong red colour.

In our opinion, it goes best with the following dishes: Paella, cheese, sauces, vegetables, pasta, rice, dips, tofu, chilli.



100% paprika powder organic.

Origin: Spain

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