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Fresh Barhi Dates

Pre-order now! Delivery between 2. to 11 of August

Dates can also be eaten in their earliest stage of ripeness, when they’re still yellow and firm. They taste very different from the mature brown, dried and soft dates we all know (and love) but are just as delicious. Our fresh Barhi dates are crunchy and lightly sweet and only available for a very short time. Don’t miss the chance to try this delicacy and pre-order them now to get them between 1st and 8th of August.

How to store fresh dates:

In the fridge: up to 10 days

In the freezer: up to 6 months (they might lose a bit of their crunchiness when frozen)

Some of the dates might have brown spots and be softer than others. This is part of the natural ripening process and doesn’t mean they are damaged.

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Papildoma informacija

  • Svoris
    3 kg
  • Išmatavimai
    10 × 10 × 10 cm
  • Size

    2.7kg, 2kg

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