Pea Protein Powder Organic

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Organic pea protein powder

Vegan protein powders like rice protein or pea protein are becoming more and more trendy. Vegans, and especially vegan athletes, face the challenge of getting enough protein at the right time due to their renunciation of meat and dairy products. Protein from peas – also in combination with other protein sources – offers a good vegan basis for covering the daily protein requirement and brings several advantages. Pea protein contains all essential amino acids and is rich in BCAAs, which are important for building muscle. What is striking about pea protein is the high proportion of the amino acids lysine and arginine and the somewhat lower proportion of methionine. However, this is not a problem because methionine can easily be replaced with other protein sources, such as hemp seeds. Pea protein also contains important minerals such as calcium, phosphorus, sodium, potassium, magnesium, iron, zinc, manganese and copper.

What is pea protein?

For the production of pea protein powder, not the conventional green peas are used, but the so-called yellow shelled peas. During the production process, the fibre-rich and hard-to-digest seed shells of the yellow pea are carefully removed beforehand. To achieve the best quality, we only use yellow peas from 100% organic cultivation. After several gentle processes, the protein is separated from the peas and after the final drying phase, the pea protein powder is created.

How do I dose the pea protein?

We recommend using at least 300 ml of water or milk substitutes (e.g. oat milk) for 20g-30g of pea protein powder and then shaking the whole thing vigorously. The taste of the protein powder is relatively natural, which is why you can easily add the protein powder to fruity smoothies, bowls etc. to increase the protein content. It is most valuable to consume the pea protein in the first 30 minutes after training, as the body can absorb the protein particularly well during this period.



Organic yellow peas


Store in a cool, dry place and protect from direct sunlight.

Origin: Switzerland

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