Ramadan Box 2

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  • Ramadan Kareem
  • This bundle contains :
    800g Sukari Soft
    800g Ajwa
  • Juicy and chewy varieties
  • Origin : Saudi Arabia

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Ramadan Box 2 – Dates assortment

During Ramadan, dates hold a very special place for Muslims. Traditionally, a date is the first food eaten to break the fast, as the Prophet Muhammad is said to have eaten this date when he himself broke the period without food.

It is best to break the fast with a sweet food that is quickly absorbed like the date. It is best consumed with water or milk. The aim is to quench thirst, satisfy the feeling of hunger, regulate blood sugar levels, prepare the stomach to digest the rest of the food and avoid indigestion, flatulence and stomach pain.

When breaking the fast, it is recommended to eat 3-5 dates first. They are an instant source of energy, high in calories and sugar, and help the body to return blood sugar levels to normal after a full day of fasting. Dates contain fiber, which aids digestion and helps prevent constipation, which is common during this time.


For this first Ramadan assortment, we have selected two of the most popular date varieties: the juicy Sukari Soft Dates and Chewy Ajwa Dates :

The royal dates, as the Sukari are also called, are cone-shaped and have a wrinkled skin. Their color is a rich brown with golden yellow tones and they have a caramel, fruity flavor with a silky aftertaste of honey. These delicious dates come from Al-Qasim in Saudi Arabia. They are not overly sweet, but quite soft and just pure delight!

Ajwa dates are a special variety from the Medina region of Saudi Arabia. They have a unique round shape and a deep red, almost black color. Not only do their strong flavor and fine texture set them apart from other dates, they are also much drier and tougher than other varieties, yet soft with a silky sweetness that makes them almost melt in your mouth.

Ajwa dates are prized for their health-giving properties, as they contain many healthy nutrients that are also found in our other dates.


How should dates be stored and at what temperature do they taste best?

Dates should always be stored in an airtight container to prevent them from drying out. We recommend always storing dates in the freezer, if possible.


Soft dates (like Bawalini, Astaka, Sukari Soft)

– Always store cold, in the freezer if possible.

Taste best cold right out of the fridge or freezer, delicious and ice cold!


Semi-soft dates (such as Medjool, Anbara, Sukari Chewy).

– Up to 5 months: Store in refrigerator
– 5-12 months: Store in the freezer

Can be eaten cold or at room temperature.


Hard/solid dates (such as Mabroom, Safawi, Ajwa).

– Up to 1 month: Can be stored at room temperature
– Up to 5 months: Store in refrigerator
– 5-12 months: Store in the freezer

Best eaten at room temperature, otherwise they are too hard.

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