Wheatgrass Powder Organic

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  • rich in iron, magnesium, zinc and selenium

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Wheatgrass powder organic

Our wheatgrass powder is of premium quality for a number of reasons. It is made from clean, healthy and unblemished leaves and tender stems that have been perfectly cut to size, dried and then ground. Similar to barley grass powder, wheat grass powder is also considered a superfood concentrated with chlorophyll, vitamins, minerals and enzymes.

What is wheatgrass actually?

Wheatgrass is a type of grain that belongs to the sweet grass family. Now you might think that our wheatgrass contains gluten, as mature grains contain gluten. In fact, wheatgrass is the young shoots of wheat that emerge shortly after germination. This means that the grass varieties are harvested as somewhat older sprouts and these have NOT yet formed any ears. Our powder is therefore completely gluten-free and from 100% organic cultivation.

How do you use the wheatgrass powder?

Wheatgrass powder can be used in many ways. You can consume it mixed with water as wheatgrass juice or add one to two teaspoons to your smoothie. You can also enjoy the taste and benefits of the green plant in muesli or as a green latte.

How healthy is wheatgrass powder?

The special thing about wheatgrass powder is that it is gluten-free, but also has a lot of carbohydrates. But it also scores with its high content of iron, magnesium, zinc and selenium. In addition, the wheat sprouts contain a lot of vitamin A, C, E and K. The high fibre content is also healthy for the digestion in moderation. The ingredients of barley grass are largely antioxidants and plant growth factors. These make aggressive free radicals harmless and at the same time stimulate healthy cell renewal. Allegedly, the green shoots of wheatgrass powder also help with weight loss by boosting the metabolism. Accordingly, the extraordinary combination of vital substances in barley grass promises to stimulate the self-healing powers of the human body, is said to have an anti-inflammatory effect, stabilises the cardiovascular system and lowers high cholesterol levels




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