| Gift box| Packaged in a personalized box| This box contains the following products|Earl Grey Tea 100g|Sukari Soft Dates 800g|Organic quinoa, dried fruit and nuts porridge 500g|Espresso nuts & dried fruits mix 200g|Organic dried figs 500g|Cheese crackers 100g|Broken cashew nuts 1kg|
    61,44 52,00 (16,25/Kg)

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    | 100% natural| Great for snacking| Long shelf life| Naturally sweet and fruity| Origin : Poland|
    From 7,00
    | No added sugar or fat| Ideal for cooking and baking| Rich in vitamins & minerals| Healthy snack| Sri Lanka|
    7,20 4,90 (9,80/Kg)

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    | Crunchy heart with whole almonds| Coated with milk chocolate and powdered sugar| The perfect snack| Origin : Netherlands|
    4,00 2,49 (12,45/Kg)

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    | Natural sugar substitute| uncrystallised| also suitable for baking and cooking| The bundle contains:| 500 g date sugar| 500 g date syrup| 1 kg date paste|
    27,08 21,66 (10,83/Piece)

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    | Crunchy heart with whole almonds| Chocolaty & spicy| The perfect snack| Origin : Netherlands|
    4,00 1,90 (9,50/Kg)

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    | healthy coffee alternative| caffeinated| sweet and slightly tart| Origin: Japan|
    From 4,90
    | Gift box| Package in personalized boxes| This bundle includes :|1kg Medjool|800g sukari soft|500g Figs Organic|
    39,79 37,00 (37,00/Box)

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