Our 3 Chewy

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  • 3x800g
  • 3 varieties of firm dates :
  • Origin : Saudi Arabia


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Our 3 Chewy

The 3 Chewy is the perfect assortment for all chewy date lovers! It is composed of three different varieties: Mabroom, Khidri and the famous Medjool from Saudi Arabia. The perfect opportunity to find out which variety is your favorite!

The assortment contains the following varieties:

Mabroom dates are deliciously sweet and sticky, with light red-bronze skin and a lingering toffee-like taste on the palate. They have a smooth and pleasant flavor but are much firmer than other date varieties. Some may even find them quite hard to chew. We think that candy-like texture is exactly what makes Mabroom special. Plus, they contain multiple natural fibres and minerals which contribute to a healthy body and mind.

Mabroom taste different than other date varieties and you will be surprised by their distinctive flavor.Mabroom are not dry but very chewy. Therefore, they’re best eaten at room temperature, not straight out of the fridge.

Khidri dates, the „big, dark and mysterious” dates, are known for their uniform chestnut red color. This variety has a thin skin and a sweet flesh, a bit soft, reminiscent of sultanas. Khidri have a warm and intense aftertaste.

Saudi Arabian Medjool dates are different from the classic Medjool dates. They are smaller and have less flesh. They are also less sweet and their appearance reminds a bit of Segai dates. Nevertheless, they are very tasty and are known for their characteristic caramel taste and a subtle nutty aftertaste.

Originalas: Saudo Arabija

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