Christmas Holidays box

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  • Packaged in personalized boxes
  • The following products are included in the bundle:
  • 500 g pistachios roasted & salted
  • 200 g mixed nuts
  • 250 g almonds roasted & salted
  • 500 g cashews roasted & salted
  • 800 g Sukari Soft dates
  • 200 g vanilla cookies
  • 100 g cheese crackers

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Christmas Holidays box

Gifts – Dattelmann’s new economic boxes

Discover now our new large selection of different savings boxes and save up to 20% on our bundles. Our bundles are divided into recipe boxes, promotional boxes such as our Christmas boxes, classic Breakfast Bowl boxes for a fruity breakfast or our all-time classics the Dattelmann Trendboxes. Our recipe boxes offer you a part of our recipes as a complete bundle. This means that you can easily have the most important ingredients for the recipe delivered to your home with just one click.

Our Christmas Party Box includes sweet and savory snacks to lift the spirits at any Christmas party. In the box are our classics the Sukari Soft Dates, a crunchy nut mix, delicious Pistachios Roasted & Salted, Almonds Roasted & Salted, Cashews Roasted & Salted, Cheese Crackers and our Vanilla Cookies.

By the way: Our bundles come in stylish, personalised Dattelmann boxes, which is why they also make great gifts. The boxes are also resealable, so you can easily add greeting cards, love cards or whatever you like.


A small overview of the individual products in our Christmas party box:

1. Sukari soft dates with kernel (800g).

The royal dates, as the Sukari are also called, are cone-shaped and have a wrinkled skin. Their color is a rich brown with golden yellow tones and they have a caramel, fruity flavor with a silky aftertaste of honey. These delicious dates come from Al-Qasim in Saudi Arabia. They are not overly sweet, but quite soft and just pure delight!


2. Mixed nuts (200g)

A little bit of everything, an ideal mix. The Nut Mix is super for those who just love nuts and can’t decide, or just want the best of everything. Pure, in muesli, with cocoa or in fruit salad, the nut mix is simply delicious.


Brazil nut | Walnut | Almonds | Macadamia | Hazelnut | Pecan |


3. Pistachios roasted and salted (500g)

Pistachios are small crunchy and incredibly delicious. Pistachios in shell are also great for a bread box, as a snack on the go or tucked away in your jacket pocket. One crack and the green superpower can be enjoyed.


4. Almonds roasted and salted (250g)

It doesn’t get any crunchier than this.

Crunchy roasted almonds, finely salted and filled freshly roasted. The almonds are gently roasted with hot air. In the process, the full aroma of the almond unfolds and the crunch becomes even more crunchy. A nutty taste experience with valuable fiber. The almond provides natural energy before or after sports.


5. Cashews roasted and salted (500g)

The aromatic and crunchy cashews are dried in the sun after harvesting. After drying, the cashews are cracked, sorted, roasted and refined with salt.  Roasting produces roasting substances that give the nuts a special aroma. Our roasted and salted cashews are most popular as a pure snack, but can also be used as desired in cooking & baking.


6. Cheese crackers (100g)

Wafer thin crackers with cheese flavor. With creamy cheese, freshly stirred from the Bavarian Moosburger cheese factory and processed immediately. The perfect cracker for a cozy couch evening with a glass of wine. What are you waiting for? Buy the cheese crackers online here at Dattelmann now.

All of our crackers come from a small, traditional family business in Germany.


7. gluten free vanilla cookies organic (200g).

Super crispy vanilla cookies, so vanilla and caramel – it warms your heart. And the whole thing is gluten-free! The irresistible cookies go perfectly with any hot drink, but are also always worth a snacking moment on their own. To make all cookie fans happy, in addition to our vanilla cookies, we also have salty, gluten-free chocolate cookies in our assortment for all chocolate lovers.

By the way, the packaging of our vanilla cookies is equipped with a practical resealer, so you can easily reseal them airtight. This way, the cookies stay fresh longer and can be consumed in units according to need, so they are also super suitable for singles and small households.

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