Nuts Box

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  • Nuts at a great price
  • Packaged in personalized boxes
  • The box contains the following products:
    50 g of organic pine nuts
    200 g organic tiger nuts
    200 g organic Brazil nuts
    500 g blanched almonds 
    500 g cashew nuts

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Nuts Box

Gifts – The new Dattelmann gift boxes

Discover now our new large selection of different economy boxes and save up to 20% on the boxes. Our boxes are divided into recipe boxes and other boxes such as our Christmas boxes, our fruity bowls boxes or Dattelmann Trendbox. Our recipe boxes offer you a part of our recipes as a complete box. This means that with just one click you can have the main ingredients of the recipe delivered to your home.


By the way: Our bundles come in stylish, personalised Dattelmann boxes, which is why they also make great gifts. The boxes are also resealable, so you can easily add greeting cards, love cards or whatever you like.


Dattelmann’s trendy boxes – Nuts bundle

A hard shell, a soft core. Oilseeds have become an essential part of a healthy and balanced diet. Some oilseeds are even considered to be superfoods. The advantage of oilseeds is that they are very versatile. They can be used for baking and cooking, as a topping for mueslis, bowls and porridge. Of course, you can also enjoy our nuts as a snack between meals! For all those who love nuts and want to save money, our oilseed box is perfect. The box contains: Shelled Almonds, Organic Pine Nuts, Organic Tiger Nuts, Organic Brazil Nuts and the classic Cashews.


Here’s a quick look at the different products in our nut box:

1. Shelled almonds (500g)

With 20% protein, unsaturated fatty acids and fiber, skinless almonds can beat any protein bar. A delicious energy snack. But they’re also great for adding to cereals and baked goods.


2. Cashews (500g)

Cashews are one of the most popular nuts. The fact that they are not really nuts, but almonds, does not detract from their popularity. Cashews have a crunchy, tender texture and enchant with their slightly buttery aroma. Pure or in dishes like curries, on cookies or in a smoothie, cashews can do it all.


3. Organic Tiger Nuts (200g)

Tiger nuts, also known as tiger nuts or chufa, are a plant species of the chypres genus. Its taste is slightly sweet and delicate like a nut. After harvesting, the tuber is cleaned and slightly de-oiled. The tuber has been used for centuries in Africa. In Spain, Tiger Nuts are used to make Tiger Nut milk „Horchata de chufa”.

Tiger Nut is rich in fiber and is an ideal ingredient for mueslis.

100% organically grown, no artificial colors or preservatives.


4. Organic Brazil nuts (200g)

The taste of crunchy Brazil nuts is mild and aromatic – buttery and sweet. Brazil nuts are the seeds of a wild tree, the Brazilian walnut. The Brazil nuts fall from the trees after the first rains, are collected, steamed, broken and then dried. They are ideal as a snack, as a garnish in salads, cereals, pastries and as an ingredient in bread.

Brazil nuts have a high selenium content and are therefore a great source of selenium for vegetarians.

100% organically grown, no artificial colors or preservatives.


5. Organic pine nuts (50g)

Our pine nuts are very healthy and nutritious. They have become an essential part of the Mediterranean cuisine and convince not only by their taste but also by their high nutritional value.

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