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  • Gift box
  • Package in personalized boxes
  • This bundle includes :
    1kg Medjool
    800g sukari soft
    500g Figs Organic


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Super Snack gift box

Gifts – The new Datules gift boxes

Discover now our new wide range of gift boxes. Our gift sets are divided into gift sets, recipe sets and promotional sets, such as our Christmas sets, the classic breakfast bowl sets for a fruity breakfast or our all-time classics: the trendy Dattelmann/Datules sets. Our recipe sets offer you a selection of our recipes in a complete set. This means that you can have the main ingredients of the recipe delivered to your home with just one click.

By the way: Our gift sets come in stylish, personalized Dattelmann/ Datules boxes, making them the perfect gift. Plus, the boxes are resealable, so you can easily add greeting cards, love cards, or anything else you want.


Dattelmann/Datules Gift Boxes – Super Snack Box

The new Dattelmann/Datules gift boxes are divided into three different categories, both in size and price: From €25, from €50, and from €75. Of course, you decide who you want to please with our beautifully packaged gift boxes. Whether you give the gift box to your best friend, your loved one or your family, who doesn’t enjoy healthy and delicious treats? This box contains all of our favourite Dattelmann snacks: our famous Medjool and Sukari dates and dried figs. A perfect assortment to share (or not, you decide!) during the holidays.

Here’s a quick look at the products included in the Super Snack boxes:

1. Medjool dates 1kg

The Medjool Israel date has a thin, slightly drier and darker skin with brick red highlights. The variety of Israel has a more pronounced taste as well as a texture more consistent in the mouth. The particularity of this variety of Medjool dates is its big size: it is the biggest date that exists. It is fleshy and particularly tender with a sublime taste of chestnut cream.

2. Sukari Soft dates 800g

Sukari dates, also known as royal dates, have soft flesh, are conical in shape and have crinkled skin. They are rich brown with golden yellow tones. They have a caramelized and fruity flavour with notes of honey at the end. These delicious dates come from Al-Qasim in Saudi Arabia. They are not too sweet, very tender and are a pure delight! They are an excellent source of fibre and carbohydrates and are a healthy snack for athletes, students, employees or any sweet tooth!

3. Organic dried figs 500g

Did you know that the fig is several hundred million years old, making it one of the oldest crops on earth? It has always served as a source of food, which is why it was a staple food in many countries and times in human history.

Our figs are organically grown and have thin and soft skin. The sunny mountain figs grow mainly in the region of Aydin-Germencik (Turkey). The figs are harvested by hand and dried in the sun.


Originalai: Izraelis, Saudo Arabija, Turkija

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