Datulės Astaka

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Astaka Dates Soft and juicy 100% natural and healthy



Dates Astaka

Fresh Astaka dates are especially juicy and soft. Rich caramel flavor. Less sweet. The taste is a bit reminiscent of Deglet Nour dates.

Green quality (RAW). 100% natural product.

  • No additives or preservatives
  • Not soaked in sugar syrup
  • Untreated, not fumigated
  • Uncooked
  • Without GMOs
  • Artificially immature or dried
  • With dice
  • Also suitable for vegetarians and vegans.

Country of origin: Saudi Arabia

Storage conditions:

Store in a refrigerator at 3 – 7 ° C

Always keep the dates in the box or in a sealed container to prevent them from drying out.

What temperature dates are recommended to eat:

Soft and juicy dates like Nabta, Alsaka, Sukari Soft are very tasty cold or even frozen (taste frozen – like mini caramel ice cream!)
Medium soft dates, Segaj, Medjool, can be eaten cold from the fridge or at room temperature.
Chewy, harder dates like Mabrum, Ajwa, Safavi, Sukari Chewy must be served at room temperature. Otherwise, it will be too hard.

Before eating, press the date with your finger to check how soft they are.

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