Pine Nuts Organic

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  • Finest pine nuts
  • Fine-buttery, aromatic flavour
  • Ideal for pesto or as a salad topping
  • Date man tip: roast in the pan!
  • Origin: Russia


Buy organic pine nuts

Our pine nuts are very healthy and nutritious. It is impossible to imagine Mediterranean cuisine without them and they convince not only with their taste but also with their strong nutritional values.

What are pine nuts and where do they come from?

Pine nuts, as the name suggests, are obtained from the pine tree. The pine tree is probably one of the best-known conifers in the Mediterranean region. The kernels can be found in the cones of the pine trees and can only be extracted with the help of a complex process. What doesn’t make it any easier is that the trees grow up to 3o metres high and the cones only start bearing the pine nuts after about twenty years. It then takes about three years for the kernels to ripen. The pine nuts are harvested in October.

How healthy are pine nuts?

Date pine nuts have a buttery nut-like aroma and provide many important and healthy nutrients. For example, pine nuts have a large amount of the trace element selenium. This supports our immune system and protects the body from so-called free radicals. Not only the selenium content supports the immune system, but also the high content of vitamin A.

Since the healthy pine nuts consist of a lot of fats – almost exclusively polyunsaturated fatty acids, to be precise – they also help to lower the cholesterol level to a healthy level.

What are pine nuts best used for?

You can eat pine nuts with many dishes. In Mediterranean cuisine, you often find dishes such as broccoli salad with pine nuts, pasta salads with pine nuts, salads with pine nuts, soups with pine nuts, vegetable pans with pine nuts or with pasta dishes in homemade pesto. We can especially recommend wild garlic pesto with pine nuts. Thanks to the aroma of the pine nuts, even a small amount is enough to prepare a great meal.

Dattelmann tip: Try roasting the pine nuts, as this develops their aroma. But because the pine nuts burn easily, you should be careful when roasting them.

Why are pine nuts so expensive?

The price of pine nuts is due to the complex harvesting process. On the one hand because of the long ripening process of the pine nuts and on the other hand because of the strenuous work of the so-called pineros, who climb the pine trees to get to the nuts.




Organic pine nuts


May contain traces of hazelnuts, pistachios, walnuts, almonds and cashews.

Originalas: Rusija

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